Meet Our Authors

William Arnold
William "Ranger Bill" Arnold is the creator of Speedy The Beaver. It has been his mission to bring his reading adventures to the masses. [...]
Verna Harps-Morrow
Verna Harps-Morrow is an emerging children's book author. She has written a host of children's books that teach young readers [...]
Ms. Clove Williams
Ms. Clove is the fourth of eleven children born in Marianna Arkansas She has written her first children's book [...]
Katherine Day
Katherine Day was a nanny who was faced with challenge of helping to raise the children of her deceased emploer.[...]


Bridget Easaw
Bridget Easaw proudly serves her country while embarking on her literary journey. [...]


Yvonne Shinhoster Lamb
Yvonne Shinhoster Lamb is a writer and editor who spent more than thirty years as a newspaper journalist before retiring from the Washington Post in 2008. [...]


Clarissa Brock
Clarissa Brock is an emerging children's book author that is ready to present her literary passion to the world. [...]