Verna Harps-Morrow is an emerging children's book author and publisher. She has written a host of children's books that teach young readers how to behave correctly in any situation, ranging from school to church and everywhere in between. Verna is quoted as saying that, "I write books to inspire, teach, entertain and ultimately challenge the reader."

Verna graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Political Science from Norfolk State University in Norfolk, Virginia. She later continued her education by receiving an Associate Degree in Para-Legal studies. The Atlanta public school system had the honor of her employment for 19 years and then Verna's real journey began. She joined the US Army and served on active duty for 10 years and it was during this time that Verna became inspired to write.

The Desert Storm and Desert Shield wars were very trying times in the Morrow household. Verna had to struggle with the difficult decision of serving her country during wartime and caring for her family and the 2 young daughters that were left behind. It was time to write and out of the chaos blossomed, "My Mommy Wears Army Boots"

Today, writing is a daily schedule for Mrs. Verna Harps-Morrow and currently she has 10 books under her belt and many more on the horizon.